• Refund Policy

    If you should become ill and can’t make the trip, Bianco Tours will refund your money up to 48 hours prior to departure. The only cancellation charges that are passed on to the traveler are cancellation charges that we incur from vendors who require a non-refundable pre-payment (airlines, cruise lines, hotels, theaters, intermodal transportation, etc.) If there is a cancellation charge for a particular tour, it will appear in the coupon on the back of the flyer for overnight trips and on the front of the flyer for day trips, stating the amount of the charge and the time from when the charge would take effect. In the event the tour you choose uses these types of vendors, we recommend cancellation insurance for that portion of the tour.
  • Travel Insurance

    We mail out a travel insurance brochure with your final payment notice. You may obtain health, baggage and cancellation insurance if you wish. If you or your travelers have questions regarding the coverage, you may call Travelex directly at 1-800-228-9792.
  • Passenger Add-ons

    We ask that you keep your sales representative notified of any and all changes as they occur. In the case of an overnight tour, any reservations received within 30 days are subject to availability. Within this period of time, room cutbacks are made if necessary, and rooming manifests are sent to the hotels. Changes made require us to make calls to reobtain rooms and change all restaurant reservations. These changes or “add-ons” will be made with receipt of “new” reservations and payment only.
  • Smoking

    For everyone’s safety, there is no smoking on the motorcoaches.
  • Pick-up Points

    There will be a motorcoach pick-up for a minimum of 10 passengers, with a maximum of 2 pick-up points per tour.
  • Lost & Found

    Passengers will be reminded by either the driver or tour director to make sure that no personal items are left behind. Passengers can pick-up any items they have left behind at the Bianco Tours office. If the items were not found on the motorcoach, we will gladly supply the phone numbers of the vendors on the trip, so passengers can check their lost and found departments.
  • Deposits

    In most cases only a $20.00 deposit is required to reserve space on the tour. It makes signing up easy and financially safe.
  • Full Payment

    Full payment is due 30 - 45 days prior to tour departure.