• Special account for customer deposits

    All prepaid deposits from customers are held in a separate, special Trust Account. The only payments made from this account are for payments relating to the tour. Under no circumstances are the funds disbursed for profit, expense items, or any other expenditures not related to the tour. After the tour returns any excess money (profit) is transferred to our General Account.
  • Insurance

    To further minimize the financial risk to your organization, Bianco Tours is protected against liability risks both on and off our coaches. $5,000,000 liability insurance while on the coaches and $1,000,000 professional liability insurance while off the coaches.
  • Bianco tours is an asset intensive entity

    There have been a number of Travel Agent failures in the past that exposed many to travel fund losses. In every case, failures have been made by service companies that own very little in the way of assets. Many lease their buildings, equipment and motorcoaches. At Bianco Tours we own our building, equipment and our motorcoaches. Although this is not a 100% assurance against business failure we provide much more security with these assets.
  • Bank Referrals

    We have had an excellent long standing banking partnership with Citizens Bank, contact information is available upon request.

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